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Quite Discontinuous

With Quite Discontinuous, choreographer Jasper van Luijk tries to capture his fascination with lifelessness in movement.

How do we respond to the death of a loved one? How does a group redefine itself when one of its members is missing? And how does our self image and our relationship with others, shift when death has entered our lives?

For Cascade Dance Theatre he extracted the last duet out of the full-evening performance and zooms in on how a relation will sustain and support itself, while having the knowledge that death is surely coming. How will both characters support each other? And is it better to go first, or to stay behind and go alone?


Poppet is an old English word for puppet. In folk magic and witchcraft a poppet is a doll made to represent a person. In our dance Poppet is breathed into life by four dancers. As Poppet grows from being childlike to mischievous and demanding we ask:

Where has poppet come from? What does Poppet want? How will s/he get it? And… who is controlling who?

A funny, magical and slightly scary show by Jem Treays…featuring an eclectic music score and live sound.


Collidron, Phil Williams creates an elegant, pure and energised work for five international dancers and live percussive score performed on marimba by Harriet Riley.

With initial exploration of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, which marks its centenary year in 2016. This new ensemble work will be a tour de force displaying an abundance of technique and skill.